Understand how people interact with locations like never before.

With Trendwise internet-style visitor analytics for physical locations


Grow your business with wise decisions based on real trends

Seamless visitor analytics for your Small or Medium Business location


Build harmonious communities with smart city analytics

Place-making and economic development decisions based on solid data


What is Trendwise?

Trendwise optimises your decision making with internet-style visitor analytics and customer insights for the offline world.

Help your business, community or event flourish by easily tracking exactly when, where and how visitors interact with your physical location.

Visitor Analytics Dashboard

See live visitor analytics and customer insights at a glance with your customisable dashboard.

Walk-by foot traffic
Repeat visit loyalty
Customer conversion rates
Dwell times
New vs return visitors
Average peak time of day

How it works

Trendwise award-winning technology delivers valuable internet-style analytics from the offline world.



People walk by or visit your location


Anonymous signals from their smart devices are observed by Trendwise sensors


We process the non-personal big data into rich location analytics


Powerful insights are displayed in your beautiful, intuitive dashboard

Why Trendwise?

Easy to install – only needs power and existing internet connection
Order your sensor today – be up and running in a few days
Cost effective – puts advanced analytics in reach for anyone
Seamlessly runs over your existing internet connection
Completely anonymous and privacy-act compliant
Access your customisable dashboard from any web browser
Easily compare date ranges and locations
Join a local network and access wider insights across your area

Award Winning Visitor Analytics Technology

Fair Fax

Are my customers returning regularly?


When is my business’s peak hour?


Can I improve marketing ROI?


How do I speed up checkout queue times?


Which day has the most potential for growth?


How often do my visitors return?


Can I optimise staffing levels?



SME Trends

Grow your small business with seriously helpful insights into your customers. By bringing internet-style visitor analytics to the physical world, iinsights allows business owners to understand exactly when, where and how visitors interact with brick-and-mortar locations.

  • Assess marketing Return on Investment
  • Gauge what percentage of your business is from repeat customers
  • Discover your potential for attracting new visitors
  • Optimise staffing levels based on visitation


Enterprise Wise

Embrace data-driven decision making to improve your business performance in individual departments, in-store locations and at a chain-wide level. Access up-to-the-minute analytics about each location’s visitor activity through to a complete snapshot of business performance via Trendwise’s powerful live dashboard.

  • Enhance experiences by nurturing and rewarding visitor loyalty
  • Maximise conversions with improved marketing and customer service
  • Optimise space utilisation, store layouts and visitor traffic flow


Widecast Wisdom

Make smart development and investment decisions informed by the latest community behaviour data trends. Widecast data gives leaders actionable insights into potential visitor flow, engagement levels, conversion rates, peak times and visitor loyalty across an entire community, city or region.

  • Measure loyal community activity
  • Identify location behaviour trends
  • Design harmonious communities
  • Study development impacts

Retail Visitor Analytics


Smart Cities


Property Layout Utilisation


Travel & Tourism Analytics


Events & Entertainment Performance Measurement


Advertising Return on Investment Measurement


Place Making for Economic Growth



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